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Two Is Enough: A Couple's Guide to Living Childless by Choice

is the narrative of one woman's quest to explore the motives and decision-making processes of the childless by choice in North America. Facing the end of her childbearing years in a childless by choice marriage, author Laura S. Scott surveyed 171 voluntarily childless individuals in United States and Canada to determine why and how they came to the decision to remain childfree. 
Scott spent over three years traveling North America interviewing childfree couples, sociologists, demographers, historians, and affinity group leaders to learn exactly why more and more couples are remaining childfree by choice. 

Two Is Enough: A Couple's Guide to Living Childless by Choice, Scott’s amusing and introspective narrative of what she came to call the “Childless by Choice Project” reveals the process, the ideals, the rationales, and the reality of what happens when parenthood moves from an assumption to a decision.

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What Readers Are Saying About 
Two Is Enough:

"This important and insightful book is a must-read for all who want to explore the whys, hows, and pros and cons of a childfree life." 
--Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. author of I'm Okay...You're a Brat and Life is Huge!

"Laura S. Scott looks beyond the myths to give us the true stories and underlying motivations behind the brave decision not to have kids."
--Jennifer L. Shawne, author of Baby Not on Board

"I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has made the decision to live their life childless or childfree by choice"--Beth Cholette

"For me, the choice to have children was the best one ultimately and when my daughter came along, I couldn't be happier. But this book did a wonderful job of helping me better relate with the feelings I had when I was choosing not to take heroic efforts to have children or to adopt. It has really given me great insights into the feelings and beliefs of those I know who have remained childless by choice."--Dave Lakhani

"Two is Enough made me feel better about my decision. I believe that not only will it help parents understand those who choose not to have children but it is an excellent tool to use if you are deciding whether to take the parent route or not."--review from

"A friend of mine recently gave me Two is Enough for my 35th birthday. How wonderful to know that there are other couples like us out there that do not want children. We are not  "selfish" "broken" or "wrong" for not having children, we simply just  do not have the desire/need to have children in order to lead a fulfilling life. Thank you from a childfree by choice couple."--Jennifer

"I recently purchased Two is Enough, as my future fiancee/husband and I are in your "undecided" category and felt very alone. We have just started reading your work and I have to tell you we immediately felt more at ease. Some of the experiences of other couples that you wrote about could have come right out of my mouth." --Emma

"Thank you for writing "Two Is Enough" Although I am single the research was relevant to myself as well. It is important to our society that women have more information like the research you provided. Thanks again


"My husband and I could relate so much to Two Is Enough, it was just such a wonderful feeling! It was great to know there are others out there like us"--Joanna

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the research and writing your book and now releasing your documentary. We have zero regrets. Your book still sits in my nightstand and every night, when I look at the cover with a happy confident couple, I can't help but smile that we made the best decision of our lives and how much your book helped me!"
--Lindsay Aronstein

"I love your book. It is a wonderful testimony to the wisdom and the thoughtfulness (in face of the common criticism) of those who choose to live childfree." --Adi

Designed to serve the undecided, the childless by choice or by circumstance, and all those who have a stake in how we define “family,” Two Is Enough: A Couple's Guide to Living Childless by Choice offers an accessible point of entry into the exploration of the childfree partnership--from the inside out..

Two is Enough is published by Hachette. Click here to download a free chapter! 

Here's a short excerpt from the Introduction of Two Is Enough: 

“So why did you get married if you didn’t want kids?” asked the new dad, the husband of one of my friends.
Huh? “Love . . . companionship,” I blurted.
His question startled me, rendering me uncharacteristically short of words. I had just spent a year doing research in preparation for what I hoped would be a book and documentary on the childless by choice, but nothing I had read prepared me for this question. He cocked his head and waited for more, his curiosity genuine.

In that moment, I recognized just how strange I must have seemed to him. Here was a person who could not imagine a life without kids trying to understand a person who could not imagine a life with kids. I was struggling to find the words to explain why someone would choose a childless marriage, and “love” and “companionship” were all I could come up with. It was the most honest answer I could give, but it clearly did not satisfy him, leaving me with the very distinct feeling that the underlying question was “Is love enough?”
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