The Book​

The Survey

The Childless by Choice Project


The Survey

Laura Scott's independent survey of 171 childless by choice individuals in the U.S. and Canada reveals the most compelling motives to remain childless/childfree, exposes gender and age group disparities, and allows us to more fully appreciate the difference between an early articulator and an acquiescer in the decision-making process.
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the Childless by Choice Project

The Childless by Choice Project

The Book

Can couples be happy and fulfilled in a childfree partnership? Two is Enough: A Couple's Guide to Living Childless by Choice, Laura S. Scott’s amusing and introspective narrative of the "Childless by Choice Project" tackles this question and more, revealing the process, the assumptions, the rationales, and the lifestyles of couples who have come to the conclusion that forever, or for now, "matching pairs beat a full house." 
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The Documentary​

What is it? It's a research project, a book, and a documentary that explores the motives and the decision-making process behind the choice to remain childfree. 
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And join Laura S. Scott on this journey of discovery by reading and sharing comments on the Childless by Choice Project Blog.

The Documentary

Why are more and more couples opting out of parenthood? 
Laura Scott travels North America on a journey of discovery to find out why, and to determine what happens when the question, "When should we have kids?" turns into "Should we have kids?"
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